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Porcelain Crowns Q & A 
by Viviane Trinh, DMD

Porcelain Crowns by Viviane Trinh, DMD

A beautiful and captivating smile will always enhance the appearance of a person in the best possible manner. In order to draw in the attention of others, we offer cosmetic dental solutions to teeth disorders. Getting porcelain crowns in Manhattan is easy with Dr. Viviane Trinh.

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What are porcelain crowns?

Porcelain Crowns In NYC

Porcelain crowns are used to address problems such as broken or cracked teeth or tooth decay. A permanent covering in the form of a cap, otherwise known as a dental crown, will be placed over the tooth. This procedure is commonly used following a root canal to protect the exposed tooth.

Benefits of Porcelain Crowns

Protect a tooth from breaking or decaying

Support nearby teeth

Provide structure

Improve the aesthetic quality of the teeth

How do I get porcelain crowns?

Getting Porcelain Crowns

Typically, Dr. Viviane Trinh will access your case and determine if you are a proper candidate for porcelain crowns. After confirming, you will be scheduled for two separate appointments that are usually seven to ten days apart. At the first appointment, you will be given a temporary crown. We use our Magic Wand anesthesia tool to ensure a painless process. At the second appointment, we insert the crown.

What are the benefits of porcelain crowns?

Our Manhattan based dental office makes treatment highly affordable thanks in part to technological advancements in the cosmetic dentistry field. We offer top of the line treatments such as Zirconia Crowns, which are the perfect combination of strength, durability and aesthetic appeal. Porcelain crowns are an ideal choice for the front teeth because of the natural color of the porcelain compliments the tooth color. A combination of porcelain and metal crowns is also available. 

The process of completely covering the teeth has given way to partial covering and these types of advanced methods will keep the healthy part of the tooth intact. Conventional treatments will leave a grey line at the gum and the advanced dental crown treatments will not leave any dark lines at the gum.

Highly advanced and hassle free treatments like zirconia crowns can only be found in a top quality dental office like ours.

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