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General Dentistry SERVICES

tooth extraction nyc

Tooth Extraction

When you need a tooth removed, Dr. Kate Brayman makes sure that you’re comfortable and free of pain throughout the procedure. Contact her practice, Kate Brayman DDS in New York City, any time you have a damaged tooth or dental pain. Her first priority is to save your teeth and keep them healthy, but if necessary, […]

periodontal surgery in nyc

Periodontal Surgery

Dr. Kate Brayman performs periodontal surgery when gum disease has spread to encompass teeth and the underlying bone that anchors them. Contact her practice, Kate Brayman DDS, in New York City, to schedule an appointment. She can treat gum disease before it progresses and introduce you to laser periodontal surgery, which makes your treatment a […]

root canal treatment new york

Root Canal Treatment

Dr. Kate Brayman wants you to know that getting a root canal doesn’t have to be painful or traumatic. Contact her practice, Kate Brayman DDS, in New York City, if you have any signs of a dental infection, such as pain, sensitivity, or swollen gums. Early treatment may prevent the need for a root canal, […]

tmj specialist in nyc

TMJ Treatment

Dr. Kate Brayman treats the pain of temporomandibular joint disorders at her practice, Kate Brayman DDS in New York City. If you experience pain in the jaw, difficulty chewing, pain while chewing, or aching facial pain, contact us for an appointment. The doctor can evaluate the problem and determine if a night guard will relieve […]

dental emergency new york kate brayman dds

Dental Emergency

When you have any type of dental emergency, don’t hesitate to contact Dr. Kate Brayman. She offers expedited emergency treatment at her practice, Kate Brayman DDS, in New York City. When you come here for emergency care, you can count on advanced technology to keep you comfortable, rapid treatment to relieve pain, and a staff […]

tooth colored dental fillings nyc

Tooth Colored Fillings

Damaged or decayed teeth are often the vital sign that a dental filling is needed. There are many different types of fillings. Resin fillings are a tooth colored filling that our NYC cosmetic dentist offers. Considerably less noticeable than a traditional metal filling consisting of gold or another metal, resin fillings provide a natural look […]

dental checkup nyc

Dental Check-Up

Dr. Kate Brayman’s dental expertise is evident in all of the services she offers, including dental checkups. At Kate Brayman DDS, in New York City, twice yearly checkups serve to prevent undetected dental issues from becoming severe problems that cause pain and lead to tooth loss. Please don’t put off your dental checkups. Contact us […]

dental hygienist new york

Dental Hygiene

Dr. Kate Brayman and her staff remind every patient that good dental hygiene is the key to healthy teeth and gums and preventing dental problems. Contact her practice, Kate Brayman DDS, in New York City, to schedule a routine dental cleaning, a thorough exam, and to talk about proper brushing and flossing techniques.

new york family dentistry

Family Dentistry

Dr. Kate Brayman welcomes patients of all ages, from toddlers getting their first teeth through grandparents facing age-related dental issues. Contact Kate Brayman DDS in New York City to schedule an appointment for everyone in your family. We provide general, restorative, and cosmetic dental treatments needed at every age.

holistic dentist nyc

Holistic Dentistry

Dr. Kate Brayman believes that dental health and whole-body health go hand-in-hand. At her practice, Kate Brayman DDS in New York City, she puts holistic dentistry into action, making sure that toxic products are never used in dental procedures. She offers safe, natural treatment alternatives and teaches patients about nutrition and wellness.

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